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Fox Red

Fox Red is a yellow dog that carries a gene that causes the dark red coat.

Variations range from darker yellow to a deep dark red.



Silver is a dilute version of the chocolate color.


Charcoal is a dilute version of the black color


The lightest colored lab.


Everyone loves chocolate!


Champagne is a dilute version of the yellow color.


The darkest colored lab.

Why Us?

We are a family-owned Kennel.

First of all our dogs are our pets. We love them as a family.

The girls work with their dogs daily.


Registered AKC


Complete Family Histories


Local Vets


Well Known Bloodlines


Certified Healthy





Lab Owner Reviews

“Fabulous dogs. We have 3 from them ranging from 5 to 1.5.

All three came back genetically cleared from any Labrador related diseases.

We would gladly drive the 10 hrs to them again from NY. They have produced some gorgeous and smart babies”

Jamie A. 

“Very professional, you could tell the puppies are very well taken care of that they have.

Coal is a great dog & we love him so much!”

Amber P. 

“We bought two adorable pups from Jeff at Hoosier silver labs they’re 6 months old now and both very smart and loving!

They get along great with kids and my older lab and our mini dachshund as well!

Jeff and his family are great people as well!”

Luke M. 

“We love our pup. We even kept his name.

Smokey helped us in so many ways when we lost our dog.

Great family with beautiful labs.”

Candie B.

Very happy with our recent transaction with Moore’s.

Great people.

Phil R.

“We just brought home our pup and love him so much!

Very sweet, knowledgeable family.

We definitely recommend them”

Brooklyn B.

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